Extract information from images and videos

Put Computer Vision and Image Recognition to work for you.

  • Recognize single patterns from many possibilities
  • Recognize a SKU from a photo using preexisting image banks
  • Identify make and model of an item using photo pattern recognition
  • Automatically identify features of an image and take measurements
  • Recognize and monitor items in videos for measurements and tallies
  • Identify and track objects in motion in videos

Custom, easy-to-use, computer vision software development.

Your image recognition software is custom-made to meet the demands of your specific use case.

The software we develop takes advantage of Computer Vision using video and image processing in combination with machine learning techniques to satisfy a variety of needs including object recognition, tracking, counting, and measuring.

Our software engineering team focuses on creating easy-to-use applications that dramatically accelerate productivity.

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Which Image Recognition Strategy Best Suits your Use-case?

Using Traditional Algorithms

Traditional algorithms are appropriate when the item can be recognized using known patterns and rules. For example, identifying a part in inventory based on its shape, colors and surface qualities. Or identifying an assembly from its components.

Using Machine Learning Algorithms

Machine Learning algorithms are appropriate when the items of interest share common characteristics and a large number of factors affect the identification. In order to develop recognition software with Machine Learning, many sample images are required.

Combine both Sets of Algorithms

Many times, both sets of algorithms are needed to get results.

Find out how feasible your project is and what it might cost

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